Radenso XP Radar Detector

$ 399.00

The Quietest Radar Detector in the World.
Backed by our Ticket Free Guarantee

Just plug it in and drive – our proprietary AutoCity mode intelligently varies sensitivity according to your speed, and automatically mutes the detector below a user-defined speed.

Equipped with class-leading range and world-class false alert filtering, when the Radenso XP alerts you know it’s a legitimate threat.  With proprietary Blind Spot Monitoring and Radar Cruise Control filtering, the Radenso XP analyzes the DNA of detected radar signatures to reject “radar pollution” from other cars.  And with GPS Lockout technology, the Radenso XP remembers known false alert locations along your regular routes – it will never make the same mistake twice.

State-of-the-art features such as RDD immunity, over 260 unique voice alerts, an updatable red light and speed camera database, and free firmware updates ensure that your radar detector is never out of date.


1 Year Limited Ticket Reimbursement Guarantee 

  • LNA equipped antenna board for highest possible sensitivity on all bands
  • GPS enabled
  • RJ11 power connection
  • Bright orange/red OLED display
  • Selectable radar bands (X, K, Ka band)
  • 360 degree Laser detection
  • Ka band segmentation (10 segments)
  • K narrow band
  • Selectable Ka POP radar band (ON/OFF)
  • Low power / low frequency K band detection
  • BSM / CAS filter to eliminate falsing from newer cars
  • Separate TSR filter to eliminate falsing from Traffic sensors
  • 3-digit frequency display to accurately report detected radar frequencies
  • Multiple Threat display
  • Low Speed muting (X and K band only)
  • MUTE Mode – keeps X and K band alerts permanently muted
  • Adjustable MUTE volume
  • Highway, City and AutoCity Mode
  • AutoCity Mode with selectable speed increments and filter levels for each band
  • Fully directional world class RLC/speed camera database with free monthly updates
  • Free firmware / database updates for life
  • Voice alerts with 260 different messages
  • Alert frequency voice announcement
  • GPS lockouts
  • Test Mode (full sensitivity, no filtering, no signal lag)
  • 6 driving mode selections (speed and compass, speed and time, speed and voltage, Voltage, Time, Speed)
  • VG2 undetectable / 99% invisible for Spectre IV and Spectre Elite
  • Optional Direct Wire power cord available
  • Optional Visor mount available
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty