Radenso Pro Radar Detector

$ 349.00

The Radenso Pro Radar Detector is high tech MADE IN EUROPE packaged into the smallest and lightest detector in the world. This detector does not bounce up and down on your windshield and delivers an astonishing radar detection performance. It handily outperforms more expensive radar detectors from other manufacturers.

Due to its unobtrusive size the Radenso Pro is the ideal radar- and laser detector for low rise cars like sports cars or convertibles and even motorcycles where every inch of real estate is precious.

We equipped the Radenso Pro with GPS which not only allows us to alert you to Redlight- and speed cameras stored in our extensive camera database but the GPS feature also enabled us to implement Low Speed Muting and City Speed filtering below user selectable vehicle speed setting. You will quickly appreciate the quiet ride even in urban areas.


Radenso Pro features

  • Smallest high performance radar detector in the world
  • Selectable X, K and Ka radar band
  • Selectable Ka narrow radar band tuned to the exact radar frequencies used in North America
  • Selectable K narrow radar band tuned to the exact radar frequencies used in North America for increased range and reduced false alarms
  • Selectable Ka POP radar band (ON/OFF)
  • Selectable 2-level Traffic Sensor Rejection Filter (TSR Low and TSR High)
  • Highway, City and AutoCity Mode
  • Revolutionary AutoCity Mode with selectable Band filtering based on speed settings
  • Bright, Dim, Dark Display modes
  • Smart Dark Display Mode (turns on display only for alerts)
  • Bright Alphanumeric LED display
  • AutoMute reduces volume of alerts after 2 seconds
  • Preloaded GPS Speed- and Redlight camera data base
  • Unlimited free lifetime updates for database and firmware – no obsolescence ever
  • 7 selectable display modes (Speed/Time, Speed/Voltage, Battery Voltage, Time, Speed, Speed/Compass)
  • Display of radar frequency during visual alert
  • Voice Alerts with frequency announcement
  • SpeedMeter Option (turns off radar circuitry completely and converts Radenso Pro into a digital Speedometer for states where radar detector are prohibited)
  • Mark your own POI locations for future alerts
  • GPS lockouts of known false locations to avoid future alerts
  • User-friendly, intuitive voice guided feature selection
  • Large suction cups for firm, secure installation at windshield
  • Power Cord with Power ON/OFF button
  • Optional Direct Wire power cord available
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty

Features explained

First Test Runs

Radar Detectors 35.5 test results

Radar Detectors 34.7 test results

Radar Detectors 33.8 test results

Radar Detectors K Band test results

Arkansas Radar Detector shootout July 2015 – Part 1

Arkansas Radar Detector shootout July 2015 – Part 2

Results (detection range in feet)

HC Ka-Band 35.5 test evaluation

HC Ka-Band 34.7 test evaluation

HC Ka-Band 33.8 test evaluation

HC K-Band test evaluation

Awesome Real World encounter 34.7 Ghz Ka Band

Long range Real world encounter Ka band I/O detection

Yet another 34.7 Ghz Ka Band save

Awesome Ka POP detection

Radenso Pro vs. Missouri Redlight Camera

Radenso Pro vs rolling 34.7

Radenso Pro long range radar detection 34.7 Ghz (incredible 3.2 miles!)

Radenso Pro sniffs out 34.7 Ghz speed sign from 2.6 miles!