Radenso HD+ Remote Radar Detector

$ 699.00

The brand new Radenso HD+ Remote Radar / Laser Detector is the most sensitive radar antenna available today producing unmatched radar detection range for peace of mind. The antenna is designed for external installation behind the grille of your vehicle. It is completely weatherproof.

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Inside your car you will just have a small control interface with warning lights and speaker.

Radenso HD+ interface installed in vehicle

Radenso will be introducing a new Interface with CPU and OLED Display later this year, which then will also offer the capability to connect a GPS antenna for speed filtering and RLC alerts as well as a 2nd antenna for directional awareness and an ALP Laserjammer for 100% Laser protection.

Customers who purchase the HD+ antenna today will be able to upgrade to the new interface for a nominal fee of $250.

radar detector genevo - size comparison with iPhone

The length of the cable from the antenna to the coupling connector is 1.7 meters. The length of the second part of the cable is 2.5 meters. The antenna connector is waterproof and allows easy connection and disconnection when changing the point of antenna mounting or replacing the antenna.

radar detector HD+ - size comparison with iPhone

Antenna Connection