For several years we have provided Europe with the finest state of the art radar detectors and earned top reputation in the market. The question we have asked before all others: What does our customer want? What do YOU want? And what can we offer that our competitors don’t?

With that in mind we created the Radenso Pro – our first detector for North America. Engineered by and for enthusiasts. High performance radar circuitry paired with excellent design and top quality at a reasonable price combined with top notch customer service. Since then we added a few more windshield mounted detectors and a high performance remote installed detector.

We have learned to listen to our customers. It is YOU who tell us what our products should be able to do. We take every suggestion and every concern serious and try to address it immediately. We believe that we owe it to our customers to provide regular firmware updates for FREE.

We know that most customers desire long range radar detection but also don’t want to get distracted by annoying false alerts. So we squeezed in maximum radar performance and implemented K Band filters to address Traffic sensors and Blind spot Monitoring systems (BSM) in addition to GPS speed sensing filters. The result is unprecedented radar reception especially in Ka Band with the least amount of false alerts.

Today we can proudly say that we have designed advanced radar detectors that exceed the expectations of most users. We have several other exciting products under development so stay tuned and check our website regularly.

7 reasons
why to choose the Radenso detector

Longest range radar detection

1. Longest range radar detection is the best ticket prevention.

Our Radenso radar detectors offer exceptional range on 33.8, 34.7 and 35.5 Ghz beating all or most of competitive and more expensive models. Our motto: tickets are for airlines, not for protected drivers. For those enthusiasts who want extreme radar detection performance we developed the Radenso Pro SE (Special Edition) which is the windshield detector with one of the longest range of all detectors on the market today.

smallest high performance radar detector

2. Size matters!

The Radenso Pro Series radar detectors are the smallest high performance radar detectors in the world and allow for an unobtrusive installation at the windshield of your vehicle. Big things come in small packages!

Revolutionary GPS

3. Revolutionary GPS speed sense AutoMuting

This feature allows sophisticated filtering of signals based on speed settings. Mute your radar detector below a minimum travel speed and reduce the sensitivity of radar bands of your choice below Highway speed between 0-90%. You will appreciate having the Radenso alert only when it matters.

Speed camera database

4. Sophisticated Redlight and Speed camera database with over 6500 locations alerts you to photo enforced intersections.

A Radenso Radar detector with GPS will alert you in advance when you approach the camera surveyed intersection and will notify you again when you are out of the enforced area.

happy customers

5. We listen to YOU!

We understand that we are in a cat and mouse game and the radar detector technology always has to keep up with the police radar gun development. We continuously update our firmware and Redlight camera database to assure your unit is always up to date. Of course this service is free for life for all our detectors!

money back guarantee

6. Full money back guarantee for 30 days.

We stand behind our product! Full money back guarantee for 30 days. You don’t like it? Just return the detector to us for money back. No questions asked.

satisfaction guarantee

7. 2 year warranty

Quality rules! Radenso is the only manufacturer of radar detectors offering 2 year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Get yours!

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